Evert_45 wint Grand Prix bij ADCN Awards

The 51th ADCN Awards Show in National Opera & Ballet has been spectacular. This year there were nearly 1000 entrees and the juries awarded 1 Grand Prix, 3 Gold, 18 Silver and 39 Bronze Lamps. Evert_45 by N=5 and KPN won the Grand Prix, two gold, one silver and three bronze Lamps. Gold was awarded in the categories Digital & Social & Mobile and Integrated Advertising. The only other gold Lamp was awarded in Music Craft for the project ‘The A-Z of Music’ for I-D by VICE and director Sam de Jong (Halal).

Go to ADCN Awards Archive to read about the brief, the idea and impact of Evert_45. https://archive.adcn.nl/archives/evert-45

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